The first J-PARC Heavy-Ion Workshop (JHI2014)

March 17th-18th, 2014

Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Tokai, Japan

The first J-PARC heavy-Ion Workshop (JHI2014) will be held on March 17th (whole day) to March 18th (morning), 2014 at JAEA, Tokai, Japan.

The second circular is found here.

Discussions on the future heavy-ion program at J-PARC among accelerator researchers and nuclear physicists have started.

The main goals of this workshop are to clarify requirements for future heavy-ion accelerators at J-PARC from various possible interesting physics and to find the possible direction of the heavy-ion program in order to initiate the detailed discussions of the heavy-ion acceleration scheme.

 One of the aims of the J-PARC heavy-ion program is to study physics in “low energy” nucleus-nucleus collisions using beams from the heavy-ion linac at about 10 MeV/nucleon such as unstable nucleus physics. The other physics goal is in“high-energy” nucleus-nucleus collisions using beams from the Main Ring at 10-15 GeV/nucleon. In the current high-energy heavy-ion experiments at RHIC and LHC, quark-gluon plasma at high temperature and low baryon density has been discovered and its properties have been unveiled theoretically and experimentally. Now the most important question is to find the QCD critical point and study structures of the QCD phase diagram in high-baryon density corresponding to the J-PARC energy regime.

The topics of the workshop are:

  1. Heavy-ion program at J-PARC
  2. Physics with heavy-ion beams from the linac (~10 MeV/nucleon)
  3. Physics with heavy-ion beams from the Main Ring (10-15 GeV/nucleon)
  4. Heavy-ion programs in the world


The tentative agenda for the workshop is as follows;

Date Session Start End Presenter Affliation Title
3/17 8:30 9:00 Registration
J-PARC overview and Heavy Ion Program 9:00 9:10 Y. Ikeda J-PARC/JAEA Welcome
9:10 9:25 S. Nagamiya JAEA/KEK/RIKEN Greetings
9:25 9:55 H. Sako JAEA Overview of heavy-ion program at J-PARC
9:55 10:25 T. Koseki J-PARC/KEK J-PARC status and future Plan
10:25 10:55 Photo Session/Coffee Break
10:55 11:20 T. Sakaguchi BNL Lepton/photon physics at J-PARC
11:20 11:45 M. Kaneta Tohoku Univ. Exotic hadron/nuclei at J-PARC
11:45 12:05 K. Ozawa KEK New primary beam line and related physics at J-PARC
12:05 13:00 Lunch
Heavy ion Physics I 13:00 13:30 K. Fukushima Univ. of Tokyo Baryonic matter and beyond
13:30 14:00 J. Randrup LBL Equation of state/QCD critical point
14:00 14:30 M. Kitazawa Osaka Univ. Fluctuations of conserved charges as probes of QCD phase structure
14:30 14:50 M. Sakaida Osaka Univ. Finite volume effects on fluctuation observables in relativistic heavy ion collisions
14:50 15:20 Coffee Break
15:20 15:50 K. Shigaki Hiroshima Univ. ALICE/PHENIX
15:50 16:20 N. Xu LBL STAR and the beam energy scan program
16:20 16:50 P.Braun-Munzinger GSI Physics prospects for heavy ion collisions in the high baryon density regime
16:50 17:10 Coffee Break
Heavy ion physics II 17:10 17:35 R. Grzywacz Univ. of Tennessee / ORNL Nuclear structure and astrophysics near 100Sn
17:35 18:00 S. Heinz GSI Superheavy nuclei and beyond
18:00 18:25 K. Nishio JAEA Search for heaviest N=126 nuclei :Exploring new region on chart of nuclei
Party 19:00 21:00 Workshop Party
3/18 Heavy ion Physics III 9:00 9:30 T. R. Saito GSI/Univ. Mainz Hypernuclei production in heavy ion collisions
Accelerators 9:30 10:00 A. Kovalenko JINR NICA project
10:00 10:30 M. Nishiuchi JAEA Kansai Laser ion source at JAEA/Kansai
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 11:30 H. Harada J-PARC/JAEA Heavy ion acceleration in J-PARC
Summary 11:30 12:30 K. Imai JAEA Discussions/Summary
12:30 14:00 Lunch
14:00 16:00 J-PARC Tour (optional)

Invited Speakers (confirmed)

A. Kovalenko (JINR)
P. Braun-Munzinger (GSI)
J. Randrup (LBNL)
N. Xu (LBNL)
K. Fukushima (University of Tokyo)
T. R. Saito (GSI / University of Mainz)
S. Heinz (GSI)
R. Grzywacz (University of Tennessee / ORNL)
M. Nishiuchi (JAEA Kansai)
M. Kitazawa (Osaka Uniiversity)

Registration (deadline extended to 9th March)

Registration fee is free of charge.
Participants of the workshop are kindly requested to fill in the Registration Form and send it to organizers (
by March 9th.

Workshop Schedule and Place

The workshop will start on Monday, 17th morning, and ends on Thursday, 18th around the noon.
The workshop is held at Large Conference Room, Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) in the campus of Nuclear Science Research Institute in Tokai (photo).

Tokai Campus of JAEA (left) and ASRC building (right).

This workshop is followed by 16th ASRC International Workshop "Nuclear Fission and Structure of Exotic Nuclei", which starts in the afternoon of Tuesday, 18th and ends in the evening of Thursday, 20th. Those who are interested in participating in this workshop as well should contact to its organizing committee.

Lunch box

There will be a lunch box on March 17th and March 18th. It costs JPY 650 on each day including a bottle of water. Please request it in the registration form or send E-mail directly to

Workshop Party

We will have a workshop party in the evening of 17th March. Those who join the party are requested to pay JPY 5000 for delegates and JPY 2500 for students. Please request it in the registration form.


We plan to have an optional J-PARC tour reception party in the afternoon of March 18th (14:00-16:00). It is free of charge. Please request it in the registration form, or send directly E-mail to
Note that the tour conflicts with the workshop "Nuclear Fission and Structure of Exotic Nuclei", which starts in 18th afternoon.
We recommend to take another J-PARC tour on 19th for the participants of "Nuclear Fission and Structure of Exotic Nuclei.


There are still about ten rooms available in Hotel Terrace-In Tatsuta and Hotel Crystal Plaza (Japanse page only) reserved for the workshop. They cost JPY 7800 and JPY 6000-6200, respectively (per night, including breakfast). The bus transportation service to the venue is provided on 17th March and 18th March. Participants should request a room in a registration form.
There are also a range of hotels in Katsuta (10 minuites by train from Tokai) and Mito (15 minutes by train from Tokai). The costs range from about JPY 7000 per night.


The most convenient international airport is NARITA/TOKYO. The easiest way to come to the Mito and/or Tokai is to use the Shuttle Bus (Rose Liner, JPY 3000), which stops at the "Tokai JR-Station (East Exit)".
Detailed information is found here.


Hiroyuki Sako (ASRC, JAEA)

Advisory Board

Shoji Nagamiya (JAEA/KEK/RIKEN), KenIchi Imai (ASRC, JAEA), Masahiro Okamura (BNL), Thomas Roser (BNL), Michikazu Kinsho (J-PARC, JAEA)

Local organizing committee

Hiroyuki Sako (ASRC, JAEA), Susumu Sato (ASRC, JAEA), Shoichi Hasegawa (ASRC, JAEA), Toshiki Maruyama (JAEA), Katsuhisa Nishio (JAEA),
Jun Tamura (JAEA/J-PARC), Pranab Saha (JAEA/J-PARC), Hiroyuki Harada (JAEA/J-PARC), Kenta Shigaki (Hiroshima Univ.),
Tatsuya Chujo (Univ. of Tsukuba), Takao Sakaguchi (BNL), Taku Gunji (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo), Koichiro Ozawa (KEK)


For more information, please contact to the organizers.

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